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Dr Randy Haas, Host

Practicing Chiropractor | Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) Specialist

Dr. Randy has been has been practicing in Jacksonville since 1978 treating pain, injury and wellness cases successfully. 30 years later, he is just as committed to promoting the health and well being of his patients. Utilizing a “whole person” approach, he has combined the best techniques, physiotherapy procedures and natural vitamins and mineral supplements available to be able to help accelerate patients along their path to wellness. He continues to attend post-graduate seminars and training to keep with the latest, most advanced techniques.

The cornerstone of Dr. Haas’ many successes in his 34 years of practice remains that seeing each and every person as a unique individual and to give the very best care to those whom he is privileged to serve.

Realizing he is practicing in the heyday of a digital age, doc has taken to the podcast circuit to spread the word far and wide to Jacksonville area residents and beyond, whether ever becoming patients or not.

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Jennifer Brown, Co-Host

Office Manager, Breakthrough Health Care | Autism Program Director

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Jennifer, proud, single mother of three, is currently raising a family there. After one of her children was diagnosed with Autism, and the trials an tribulations of raising him, she eventually had found out about Nutritional Response Testing and found help for her son, a fact while led her to write an article in attempts to help others find answers that she had.

At podcast launch, she has been with the clinic six years and finds joy in working every day to help more people reach their ultimate health potential, not just those who are in pain and suffering, but those who wish to reach for the highest heights of wellness too.

Jennifer joins the podcast as co-host to help spread the Breakthrough Healthcare message beyond the bounds of Jacksonville and to the nation and world at large.

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